A lot of people hold onto jewelry even when they do not wear it all anymore. Sometimes you might break up with someone and want to wear the things they gifted you over the time you were together. Sometimes things become outdated. Sometimes they might be things you inherited that are not to your taste. If you are looking for extra cash for any reason, unwanted jewelry could be the answer. When selling you need to understand what makes something more valuable or desirable. With diamonds, you have the 4cs, clarity, cut, carat and color. Brand also has an impact as well as things like condition, age, and how original it is, what the precious metal is and what the stones are if any. These are important factors whether you go to jewellers or you go to a pawn shop Brick or close to you. But you will get very different appraisal approaches depending on where you go so that is important to keep in mind.

Selling jewelry to consignment shops

Consignment shops are used by some rather than somewhere like a local pawn shop Lakewood

 or some such location, because they are common and easy to find. The offer range falls between 20% to 50% of the value so you might lose quite a bit. It is also not the fastest way to sell, there is a review period that most places go through and that delays the payment. Many do not even really have the knowledge or experience to properly value jewelry and assign a fair price. It is best to just use them if that is your only option.

Selling jewelry to pawn shops

A pawn shop Brick or elsewhere is a great way to get money for jewelry quickly. You can use it to get a loan, so then you have to return and pay the loan, interest and fees back to get the item returned to you, or you can sell. Different pawn shops are going to have different experiences and skill levels when it comes to appraisal and again they do not offer the full value either. It really varies so it is worth calling around several pawn shops if that is what you prefer to do to find someone with real knowledge to get a fair deal. The benefit of this option is how quickly you can get the cash. As long as you are happy with their valuation and then their offer, you can get money in less than 30 minutes.

Selling jewelry on eBay

Offering for sale anywhere online means doing the work to know the value of the items. It is something you can do from the convenience of home but it does take some time to learn how to post and it can be stressful for some people. You can ensure bids are over a minimum amount but people are looking for bargains.


In the sale of jewelry to a pawn shop Lakewood, online, at a consignment store or anywhere else it is important to have a good idea of its value. Head to a jeweller and get an appraisal and see if they are interested. You can get more that way but it can take time.