Ownership of gold has been a symbol of financial security. Despite the rapid pace of today’s stock markets, which are mainly controlled  by shares, bonds and real estate, investment in gold still remains one of the best choices for someone who wants to enlarge their wealth.

Reasons why you should buy gold

Addition of gold in an investment portfolio, however, makes it an asset whose movement is less linked to the performance of other securities like bonds and stocks. Stocks and bonds typically increase in value during times of economic expansion while declining during recessions. Unlike shares, whose value tends to rise when general confidence in paper assets is low.

You can buy gold in hong kong because it is considered an asset during political unrest or war when people are terrified about what will happen next with their fiat currencies or have decided to reduce risks associated with holding portfolios. Confidence wanes among governments and central banks, resulting in increased demand for gold at these moments. During such economic turbulence, people may have more gold instead of taking chances with stock market shareholdings.

The limited amount of discoveries, mining costs, and slow pace restrict excessive supply creation for this precious metal’s scarcity prevention purposes. Gold extraction yearly has been continuously decreasing, remaining relatively constant.

Gold can be held physically since it is a tangible, hard asset. More importantly, its mass-to-value ratio is so high that vast boxes of this shiny metal containing billions of dollars may easily be carried or transported across long distances without anyone ever noticing them.

No third parties are involved in the ownership transaction when you have physical possession of gold. Since its worth does not rely on governments, banks or corporations, owning gold bars becomes possible even when you don’t know what will happen tomorrow with financial markets or political systems worldwide.

Some finance experts contend that gold is undervalued at the moment. Due to the impact of expanded monetary supply and decreasing future mine production, there are principles suggesting considerable gains in future gold prices. Investors aren’t only concerned about the insurance but also gains from buying it during times of calamities or a weak dollar.

It is not only valuable over time, but gold tends to appreciate in value, becoming one thing that can be passed on from one generation to another. Generations manage to retain or increase their financial statuses for ages by transferring gold coins, bars, and jewelers without depreciation before this wealth gets into successors’ hands.

Gold possesses all the necessary qualities in an ideal form of money scarcity, durability, portability and universal acceptability. For thousands of years, civilizations have used gold as money/prize money/gold was most valuable as money over ‘thousands’ years. It is because outside banking gives it an independence fiat currency cannot achieve as they are subject to continuous interference by countries’ central banks which issue them.


Gold investing has several purposes which range from asset diversification inside an investment portfolio to protection when there is a crisis. With more money being pumped into economies by central banks, investors in gold are safeguarded against devaluation risks associated with currencies over many decades; rather than speculation, portfolios containing some percentage invested in gold aim for stability and safety.