Seychelles offshore firms, often known as “Seychelles IBC Companies,” can only conduct business and enter into agreements with organisations headquartered outside Seychelles. A Seychelles-registered IBC is tax-free and set up to conduct international business with minimum documentation and record-keeping requirements. Additionally, an IBC includes several characteristics that ensure complete anonymity. More than 30,000 Seychelles offshore firms have registered under the 1994-introduced Seychelles Business Act, and more than 600 new businesses do so. Check out this website,, for more information about offshore company registration opportunities.

Offshore Company in Seychelles provides guaranteed privacy and protection.

There has been discussion about privacy and protection for many years. People frequently confuse privacy with mischief or unlawful activity. For one, think that maintaining your privacy is not just a means of concealing your finances or business operations. Furthermore, concur that maintaining financial security and privacy is a top priority.

Conditions for Seychelles-based offshore businesses

Seychelles’ exceptional allure is due in part to the fact that local businesses are tax-exempt. A corporation with a Seychelles domicile is required to pay a flat yearly charge of USD 100, regardless of the size of its registered capital or any other factors. There are no additional taxes owed to Seychelles’ public coffers.

Available company ownership arrangements in Seychelles

The most typical form of corporate ownership in the area is an International corporate Company, or IBC. Additionally, numerous types of organisations can register there; for instance, their names could end in BV, GmbH, SARL, Limited, Corporation, Incorporated, or another abbreviation. You should check this link to know more details about offshore company opportunities. Limited Partnerships, Trusts, and Special Licence Companies are examples of resident businesses operating under a licence. There is a 1.5% profit tax on it.

Licensed capital

Seychelles has no laws governing the registered capital of companies. Although they are not required to, offshore businesses opening in the jurisdiction frequently choose to file US$ 100,000 as the charter capital.

Shares of a company

Companies that declare the stated amount as their charter capital frequently decide to issue 100 shares, each worth $1. In Seychelles, bearer shares are not permitted.

Economic foundation

The offshore jurisdictions must tighten their internal regulations as the OECD and other international organisations’ efforts to combat tax evasion, money laundering, and terrorism financing. Companies registered in Seychelles, in particular, are now required to have a physical presence there.

Types of commercial operations that are prohibited

No offshore corporation registered in Seychelles is permitted to do any business or purchase real estate within the nation. (Well, it can, but at that point, it will be subject to tax.) A licence is necessary to engage in banking, insurance, or investing activities.

Shareholders and directors of the company

A single person can establish a corporation in Seychelles, as are the issues in many other offshore jurisdictions. They may also serve as the only director and shareholders of the business. It does not matter if a corporation or a private person founded the company. It is also irrelevant from which nation or location the company’s founder hails.