Travel insurance is becoming increasingly mandatory for both domestic and international travel. While some countries require travel health insurance as a legal entry requirement, others may offer few options due to high costs. Expected coverage benefits include emergency medical costs, flight cancellation, personal injury, personal liability, passport loss, and baggage loss. *

Why Disclose Your Medical History?

Travel insurance online premiums are often lower for individuals between 18 and 45, and most insurers do not require medical examinations. However, if you have any pre-existing health conditions, it is essential to disclose them. A pre-existing condition is any illness or past medical history diagnosed within 48 months of purchasing the insurance policy.

While most travel insurance plans may not cover pre-existing conditions, they will often cover the insured in the event of a life-threatening emergency while travelling. Some insurers offer pre-existing disease coverage, but not all. Disclosing your medical history can help avoid claim settlement issues later.*

Understanding Pre-Existing Diseases

Pre-existing diseases are medical conditions for which a person has already been diagnosed. These include illnesses, injuries, or any related condition identified within 48 months of purchasing an travel insurance policy and had symptoms or indicators.

Benefits Of Sharing Your Medical History

  • Choices For Add-Ons

Declaring your underlying health condition, first and foremost, saves you the trouble of comparing plans that don’t meet your needs. You can sort through insurers who don’t cover pre-existing conditions and read about policies that unquestionably provide this benefit.

Pre-existing condition-based add-ons are typically available to purchase in addition to your travel insurance online policy at a premium. This add-on will cover your medical conditions, so disclosing them will give you peace of mind while you’re off having a great time on your vacation.*

  • Ensured Protection

Once your pre-existing health conditions have been disclosed, you can unwind and enjoy the knowledge that your insurance policy will cover any costs if they arise during your trip.

Your medical history is already known to your insurer, so there’s very little chance that your claim will be denied, and you’re almost guaranteed to receive benefits later on.*

  • Low-cost

If you disclose your medical conditions, you may have to pay a high premium to ensure that you are covered for the duration of your trip. This is a minimal price for your financial and medical security.

Healthcare costs in developed nations like the US, the UK, and many others are at least four to ten times higher than in India. Knowing up front that your condition is covered allows you to make an educated choice now and avoid paying more later.*

  • Being Truthful

You will be satisfied with claim benefits in the future, even if your insurer limits your coverage for pre-existing medical conditions or excludes you from a particular disease. Knowing your policy’s precise coverage will help you stay vigilant and budget for overseas medical costs.*

  • Financial Implications

International travel insurance, though costly, can minimize potential financial losses overseas. Many countries must handle emergencies, including medical ones. Being truthful about your health is crucial when purchasing travel insurance. *

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