Introduction –

One of the most popular methods or well-known methods for blockchain startups is Crypto presales, in which they raise funds or money for the projects prior to the official launch of the token. In presales the investors are offered the opportunity to purchase the tokens at an affordable/discounted rate, mostly, before they appear on the exchanges or is made available to the public. Also, one of the most important things that you ought to know is that while crypto presales come with some risk attached, but they can also offer some pivotal(important) benefits to both investors and startups. In this guide, you will come to know about the best crypto presales to invest for the present year 2023.

Crypto Presale Defined –

Prior to a token’s official launch, there will be a blockchain startup, that will offer a small number of its tokens to the investors as a portion of fundraising event, which is more aptly described as ‘crypto presale’. You can also look online for AI Metaverse Token Pre-Sale in the referenced link. These are the presales that basically occur or happens when a startup is simply getting off the ground, and they are looking for funding to assist the creation and promotion of their works or projects. There are several different applications of crypto presales, like the IEOs, ICO, ISPOs. However, they all follow a same format. Crypto presales that are created from IPOs or initial public offerings are a form of traditional finance.

Strict Regulations –

Also, in the traditional IPOs, firms should adhere to stringent regulations. They should involve counterparties like the investment banks prior to offering assets. It is one of the most lengthy and strenuous process. Now, during a crypto presale, the investors will acquire coins or tokens at an affordable/discounted price. This often comes with expectations that the token’s value will increase or rise once the tokens becomes public. The presale shall also have a minimum investment requirement, other participation criteria, and time limits. You can also see Metaverse Token Presale in the referenced link.

The money raise during the crypto presale mostly covers a several of expenses. These are mostly the cost of creating the blockchain projects, regulatory compliance, and legal compliance, marketing the upcoming token launch. The success of a crypto presale can also create awareness about the project and appeal more investors and finally increase the token’s value.

Watch out For Some of the Best Crypto Presales –

Dodge Rush –

Dodge rush is the ultimate meme coin change that is gaining, winning and gaming in the crypto world. It is one of the unstoppable forces in the universe of meme coin. They are brilliant and is fusing viral internet culture with the real-world utilities. It aims to merge the excitement and fun of the meme coins with tangible utility. Dodge rush is created to attract crypto currency enthusiast and the general public. The project is created around two core utilities one is DodgeHub – which is a gaming platform and other is Dodge Win – a competitive platform for various contents.

Ai Doge –

It is a new project that combines coins with meme (images) with artificial intelligence and generating such images using prompts. The $AI token presale is at present sold out, but people can purchase the same at the listing cost before its upcoming IEO. In this platform, the users can get an AI-driven images generation experience while also adjusting the constant shifting cryptocurrency landscape. It uses a cut-throat or leading-edge AI technology to create pertinent images from the user provided text prompts.

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